ACH Origination

  • First National Bank of Kansas has the ability to create electronic deposits and/or debits.
  • Electronic payroll is a fast and convenient way for businesses to process payroll or customer payments.
  • The service fee is $5.00 per file regardless of size.
  • Officer approval is required on any agreement because of the possible large dollar amount of these files.
  • Information must be to the bank by noon the preceding day before effective posting date.
  • Businesses will provide a diskette to the bank with data ready to post. Diskettes are returned after processing.
  • When this procedure is established with a business, the bank will first process a test run, prior to any live transaction, to assure all entries will post correctly.
  • The business is responsible for correcting any wrong information before another file is sent and if an item is returned as non-sufficient funds, etc. the $30.00 return item charge applies.

  • Businesses will have the ability to pay their employees electronically.
  • It will help businesses meet time deadlines for delivery of information.
  • Saves businesses valuable time not having to write or print checks.
  • Faster access to employees for money deposited from businesses.

  • An existing business that does multiple payment types from a single account.
  • An existing business that is moving into our territory.
  • Individuals discussing the start of a new business.

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