Night Depository

  • Depository transactions can be made 24 hours each day, seven days a week.
  • Deposits are dropped into an interior vault through a locked exterior door.
  • The night deposit vault is opened and logged in under dual control by bank staff every working day.
  • Deposits are counted under dual control.
  • The locked bag requires a deposit of $10.00, the zipped bag requires $10.00 and there is a $10.00 deposit for the night drop key.

  • You will be able to drop off deposits at your convenience, 24 hours each day and because you choose the time, most likely there will be no waiting.
  • Your deposits are safe from loss, theft or natural disaster because they will be stored overnight in a bank vault.
  • Chances of errors in accounting are minimized because your deposits are reviewed under dual control. This also assures you of prompt preparations of your deposit records.
  • Bags come in different sizes to better meet your needs and save you expenses.
  • Because you can drop off cash other than deposit requirements, you are provided with a safe storage area for overnight purposes.

  • Businesses with hours similar to regular banking hours.
  • Businesses with early morning change order needs.
  • Customers with a need to store cash overnight

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