Notary Service, Fax Service, Escrow Service, and Other Services

Notary Service
  • Our notary services will allow us to notarize an individual document certifying the identity of the person signing the document.
  • The notary fee for customers is $5.00 and non-customers is $10.00.

  • Our customers have the convenience of having title liens released, certification of bill of sales or other important transactions notarized at the same place as their other financial transactions.

  • Current customers in need of more than one bank service.
  • Customers who need a verification of their signature.
  • Customers who are buying or selling vehicles or other possessions.

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Fax Service
  • Cost is $5.00 for the first sheet then $3.00 for each following sheet.
  • We can send a hard copy of facsimile to any other fax machine; foreign or domestic by telephone at the same speed of a normal telephone call.
  • This service is available at each of branch locations.
  • We can receive a transmission 24 hours per day and send one during ordinary business hours.

  • Use of the fax machine will save you travel required to hand deliver hard copy.
  • By sending a fax you can save valuable time lost by using alternative methods to deliver important information.
  • It will protect you from loss of important information in transit.
  • It will help you meet time deadlines for delivery of information.

  • Commercial business accounts.
  • People with children away at school.
  • People who order from mail catalogs.

Escrow Service
  • An escrow account will store contracts and documents under the bank’s safe keeping.
  • It will collect and record payments as specified by the customer’s contract.
  • The initial setup cost is $150.00 and there is a $10.00 fee per payment.
  • The escrow will control the release of documents for the customer.
  • It will accumulate cash for annual payments such as taxes and insurance.

  • An escrow provides safety from loss or misplacement of important documents by storing them on bank premises.
  • It will assist you with record keeping requirements by recording payments, calculating interest and keeping track of remaining balances.
  • It assures you that documents will only be released per the terms of your contract or upon your written instruction.
  • It will assist you in the budgeting for annual lump sum payments by accumulating the payments in smaller monthly increments.

  • Customers with one or more rental houses.
  • People who are selling their homes on contract for deed.
  • Estates that have income producing properties.
  • Real Estate agencies.

Other Services
  • We have available, for customers to purchase tickets for Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri.

  • They have the convenience of picking up tickets to a popular area attraction in their own community.

  • Customers going on vacation.
  • Current customers in need of more than one bank service.
  • Customers who need a verification of their signature.


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