Safe Deposit Boxes

  • Entry is dual controlled which requires the customer’s signature and key and signature of a bank employee and bank key.
  • Boxes come in several sizes, fees are paid annually and priced by the size of the box.

    3” X 5” - $15.00/yr
    3” X 10” - $30.00/yr
    9” X 10” - $50.00/yr
    5” X 10” - $40.00/yr
      5” X 5” - $20.00/yr
    5” X 11” - $40.00/yr
    2” X 5” - $10.00/yr
    10” X 10” - $50.00/yr
    *Sizes may vary by location

  • A replacement key cost $20.00 and the price for drilling the box will be actual cost plus $10.00.
  • Auto debit is required for payment of box rent.
  • Private areas are provided for the customer to have access to the contents of the box.
  • Contents of the box are covered against loss under the bank’s bonding and insurance.
  • Annual Billing fee if not auto debit - $5.00.
  • Late fee (per month, per box) - $7.50

  • A safety deposit box provides you safety from theft.
  • It will provide you safety from flood, fire or natural disaster.
  • It will assist you in avoiding the misplacement of important documents.
  • It will provide you with records of entry to your safety deposit box.
  • You will have easy and convenient access to your valuables and important documents during the bank’s lobby hours.

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