Cashiers Checks
  • Cashiers checks are accepted in most situations as cash payment and may be used worldwide.
  • They may be written in any increment but become voided after one year.
  • They provide record keeping duties as proof of cash payment.
  • The cost of issuing cashiers checks is $5.00 and for a customer $15.00 for non-customer.

  • You will find cashiers check a convenient way to pay with cash equivalent.
  • The flexible denominations they can be purchased in make it easy to pay exact amounts.
  • Universal acceptance makes them convenient to use anywhere.
  • The bank can provide you with a copy of the cashier’s check purchased as proof of a cash payment.

Personal Money Orders
  • May be written in any amount up to $1,000.00.
  • Accepted as payment same as checks and can provide proof of payment.
  • Cost of personal money order is $3.00 for a customer and $10.00 for non-customers.
  • Money orders expire one year from date of issue.

  • They are a safe way to carry equivalent cash.
  • They can be used in place of a personal check.
  • The purchaser is protected if check is lost or stolen, by being able to stop payment.
  • They can be used in some situations where a personal check will not be accepted.

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