Wire Transfers

  • Wire transfers can provide same day availability of cash from bank to bank.
  • International services can wire funds to most places in the world.
  • Service fees:
    o Domestic Outgoing - $25.00
    o Foreign Outgoing - $52.00
    o Domestic Incoming - $5.00
    o Outgoing Domestic – Non Customer - $25.00
    o Incoming - Non Customer - $20.00

  • With a wire you can move cash quickly and at your convenience.
  • It is easy to send money to a bank anywhere.
  • Low costs will save you money, in relation to other slower options for transferring money.

  • People traveling on business or taking a vacation.
  • When it is not safe to carry cash, such as a stay in the hospital.
  • To assist school aged children with control of their expenditures.
  • Business customers making large purchases outside of their normal trade territory.
  • People with members of their family geographically far away.

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