Blue Regular Checking Account ~ Business

*Business Resolution may be requested applicable to their business type - "DBA" Accounts Apply.

  • Minimum Deposit of $100.00 required for opening account.
  • Service fee per month of $3.00 plus $.30 per debit item.
  • Credit of $.20 per $100.00 average daily balance per month.
  • Checks may be ordered that are compatible with company computers.
  • Balances are FDIC insured.
  • A monthly statement is provided with all cancelled items.

  • Makes access to funds through checks convenient and easy.
  • Service fee structure that allows the customer to control costs by limiting the number of items presented.
  • Credits given for average daily balance allow the customer to save money by reducing service fees or to make money on excess funds.
  • Generous check type availability allows you to generate payments on in house computers.
  • Provides record keeping services by producing cancelled checks as receipts.
  • Your money is safe because the federal government insures it.

  • Individuals discussing the start of a new business.
  • An existing business that is moving into our trritory.
  • An existing budsiness that does mulitiple payment types from a single account.
  • Proprietorships making payments from personal accounts.

Other fees may be charged on your statement:
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