Christmas Savings Account

  • Minimum deposit of $100.00 required for opening account.
  • This is an interest bearing account.
  • Balance of account is paid out by cashier's check, each November 1st, just in time for Christmas shopping.
  • Automatic deposits are set up for Christmas Club accounts in any increment to suit your budget, but must be done at least monthly.
  • Withdrawals are not allowed.
  • If an account is closed before November 1st, a $25.00 fee will be applied.
  • Christmas Club agreement will automatically renew each year unless cancelled by customer.
  • Interest is paid each November 1st, before check is issued.
  • Balances are FDIC insured.
  • A statement is provided and mailed with the cashier’s check.

  • This is a convenient way to save for the holidays.
  • Once auto debit is set up, customer does not have to remember to transfer savings.
  • It is great to have extra money saved up when you begin your holiday spending.
  • Your money is safe because the federal government insures it.

  • Customers looking for a way to save for Christmas.
  • Current customers in need of more than one bank service.
  • Friends and neighbors wanting to cut costs and save.

Other fees may be charged on your statement:
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