Traditional IRA's

  • Earned interest is tax deferred until retirement, when base taxes may be less.
  • Investments generally pay competitive certificate of deposit rates.
  • Qualifying investments lower the customers tax base.
  • Normal distributions may begin at the customer’s age of 59 ½ if the customer chooses.
  • Distributions may be done in a variety of ways; by lump sum, annually, or upon death.
  • Account is meant to provide long-term savings for retirement.
  • Investments are normally tied to CD rates and terms can be adjusted to match the customer’s plans.
  • Funds placed in this account are FDIC insured.

  • You will save tax expenses by deferring income until your retirement, when your tax base may be less.
  • You will earn more money in your account because CD’s are competitively priced and generally pay more than demand deposit accounts.
  • If you qualify under tax codes your contribution will lower your current taxable income annually and will save you tax expense.
  • You have the option of withdrawing funds starting at age 59 ½ as a source of income.
  • The varieties of methods for distribution are designed to meet your cash needs.
  • It is an easy way to save for your retirement.
  • By using certificate of deposit rates and terms you are able to take advantage of rate markets as they change.
  • Your money is safe because the federal government insures it.

  • A current or new customer taking a new job.
  • A student graduating from college and entering the job market.
  • Customers asking about tax shelters.

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