Agriculture Loans

  • Crops
  • Livestock
  • Equipment and Machinery

  • Agricultural loans are usually made for growing crops, on farm stored crops and bonded warehouse receipts but may be more expansive if required.
  • We can finance cattle defined as feed-lot cattle, fat cattle, cow/calf operations and dairy cattle.
  • The loans can also be revolving to support current cash needs.
  • The bank will provide financial analysis assistance for the customers use to those customers requesting it.
  • Fee costs are tailored for each loan and are regularly analyzed to protect the customer from excess costs.
  • Each loan is constructed to accommodate the needs of the customer making the request.
  • Loans are generally price indexed from our base rate of interest (check with a loan officer for a rate quote).

  • Diversity of types of loans offered allows you to do all of your agricultural banking at one bank.
  • You will save interest expense because our base rate is regularly monitored to assure you of a favorable competitive rate.
  • Repayment is tailored to your needs and historic cash flow for prudent payment planning.
  • By adjusting loan terms to your borrowing needs, the loan will assist you with your cash flow planning.
  • The constant review of loan related costs would save you expense money.

  • AG customer accounts
  • Deposit customers inquiring about farm accounts.
  • Customers who own large amounts of farm land.

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