Real Estate Loans


Residential Real Estate Loans

  • Financing is available for purchase or the refinancing of an existing home.
  • Require property to be owner-occupied.
  • Rates are subject to current market conditions.

Rates are individually set based on the collateral and the amount borrowed. Financing is readily available. Contact a loan officer for rate quotes.

  • Liberal terms will allow you to adjust your payments to best match your personal cash flow.
  • Your loan will be designed to assist you in your home purchase by requiring the minimum amount for a down payment.
  • Application fees are held to a bare minimum to save you costs on your new home.
  • Many loan programs are available to allow you to refinance your existing home and save you money by taking advantage of declining loan rates.
  • Our loan rates are adjusted frequently so that you will always have the advantage of competitive rates.

  • Newly married couples.
  • Customers inquiring about home repair loans.
  • Customers with loans at older higher rates of interest.
  • A visitor at home shows.

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