Commercial Loans


Commercial Loans

  • Loans are generally price indexed from our base rate of interest (check with an officer for a rate quote).
  • Commercial loans are usually made for real estate, furniture and fixtures, equipment or working capital needs, but may be more expansive if required.
  • Loans can be amortized for the purchase of fixed assets. Term is usually relative to the economic life of the assets pledged as collateral.
  • The loans can also be revolving to support current cash needs such as the growth of accounts receivable.
  • The bank will provide financial analysis assistance for the customers use to those customers requesting it.
  • Fee costs are tailored for each loan and are regularly analyzed to protect the customer from excess costs.
  • Each loan is constructed to accommodate the needs of the customer making the request.

  • You will save interest expense because our base rate is regularly monitored to assure you of a favorable competitive rate.
  • The variety of collateral used in our commercial loans make it easier to obtain a loan to suit your purposes.
  • Repayment is tailored to your needs and historic cash flow for prudent payment planning.
  • By adjusting loan terms to your borrowing needs, the loan will assist you with your cash flow planning.
  • Technical information provided by the bank will assist you in making management decisions.
  • The constant review of loan related costs would save you expense money.
  • Because the bank lends to all types of business entities you may choose the form of your business based on taxation or other needs and still qualify for one of our commercial loans.

  • Deposit customers inquiring about business accounts.
  • New members of the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Business related, community service organizations.
  • Business observed in the community.
  • From publications that list UCC and other commercial filing.
  • Lists generated by public utilities.
  • Referrals from existing commercial customers.

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